COURSE 9: The Way of Personal Development with the Psychodrama Method of the Childbirth Preparation Educator


The Way of Personal Development with the Psychodrama Method of the Childbirth Preparation Educator

Aim of the course


Participants are introduced to the Psychodrama Group Psychotherapy technique and contribute to their personal development through the use of these techniques.

Course Objectives


Course aims to look at a different perspective on the challenges faced by the Instructor's own birth, difficulties, prejudices, education or life.

Educator's Name


Neşe Karabekir

Curriculum vitae of the educator related to the course


She graduated Istanbul Psychology Department and Keele University Psychological Counseling Graduate School. She is the founder of Istanbul Psychodrama Institute (1996) as Psychodrama Instructor and Therapist and still continues her group training as an educator at the same institute. She has been a founder of Istanbul Academy of Maternity (2010) and continues to give psychodrama and personal developmental modules to her participants, including obstetricians, midwives, nurses, doulars and birth psychologists since 2013 as chief educator. She is currently a speaker at various national and international conferences and congresses. These duties were also added to the presidency of the Elite for Birth in 2015. She is also take part in International Society of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Medicine in Turkey Working Group.

Course Method

To rediscover itself and birth with a psychodrama and to have the courage to reborn, to be enthusiastic to contribute to the courage of the other participants in the group. Psychodrama is a group psychotherapy method developed by J. L. Moreno in the 1920s. They revitalize the reality in their own lives with the techniques of revitalization, role play, role playing. In the psychodrama technique it is possible to go back to their own birth and rebirth. It is possible to increase empathy by changing role with mother, father, baby, doctor or many objects.

In the content of the practise participants warm up, meet, go to their own birth and come out renewed.

Course schedule
09: 30-16: 30

Short break and lunch after morning and after lunch

Materials required for the course


Chairs (no table), plenty of pillows ...

The principle of confidence and bringing all the participants' hearts together

Pre-condition for participation to course

Being self-explanatory and courageous.

Open to everyone.







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