COURSE 6: Rebozo Technique Massage And Application


Rebozo Technique Massage And Application

Course Presentation Content

Purpose of the course 


To learn how to use the traditional Rebozo (Shawl), which have been used for thousands of years in South America and especially in Mexico.

Course Objectives


Women can comfort with this old traditional method at any time they want.  It is often used as one of the most effective relaxing techniques out of medicine, such as back pain, stress, Braxton-Hicks contractions and fatigue, relaxation at birth, and the need to change position in the mother's womb.
Name and Surname of Educators

Sibel Esenalp

Curriculum vitae of the educators related to the course She met Rebozo which is a non-drug relaxing technique applied during pregnancy and birth at Midwifery Today Conference in 2015.  She have received her first lessons from Mexican Midwife Angelina Martinez Miranda, The Netherlands Birth Prep and Doula Instructors Thea van Tuyl and Mirjam de Keijzer. In April 2016, she worked as an assistant educator with Thea Van Tuyl in Rebozo Usage Techniques Training at Pregnancy and Childbirth at The Istanbul Birth Academy and was authorized by this team.
Education Method Practical practice

Course Program

Course time: 09:00-16:30


Rebozo history and its use


      With Rebozo use:


           Massage techniques

           Breathing techniques

           Baby's position

           Relax / strain

           Different positions (ball, chair, place, double)

           Postpartum puerperium process (closure of the body, closing ceremony)

Materials required for the course 


The materials requested from the participants;


Not very hard or too loose rebozo, shawl or thin single sheet in dimensions of 180cm x 60cm.  Comfortable clothes.

Pre-condition for participation in course

(who can participate eg nurse, midwife, doctor, doula, physiotherapist, psychologist / everyone open)


Everyone open








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