COURSE 10: Birth in Water


Birth in Water

Aim of the course


Transfer of current information about water birth and to water birth

Goals of the course


To learn the latest literature about water birth theoretically and practically.


To learn how to transfer them on courses.

Name and surname of educators


Medical Doctor Hakan Çoker – Midwife Serpil Varlık

Curriculum vitae of the educators related to the course


They have been having water births since 2008.


Cornellia Enning participated twice and Jenna Shaw Battista participated once studies related to the water birth.


Workshops are organized about water birth.

Method of education


Didactic expression, slide, practice

Schedule of course

09: 00-16: 00

1) Theoretical headings


The past and today of water birth

Definitions of water birth

Advantages and disadvantages

Medical and technical considerations

Results of water birth

Usage and storage properties of plastic birth pools

Features of water for water birth

Timing of pool use

Pregnancy acceptance criteria for water birth

Contraindications for water birth

Safety precautions for health personnel to join in water birth

Emergencies and to do in water birth


2) Practical headings


Regulations and discussions on water temperature

Prenatal positions

Practices for entering and leaving the pool

Follow up of parents and baby safety in the pool

Doppler usage and timing in the pool

Baby's positions in water birth

Things to be aware of when removing the water born baby

Place and timing of postpartum placenta separation

Materials required for the course Clothes for pools
Pre-condition for participation to course

(Who can participate eg nurse, midwife, doctor, doula, physiotherapist, psychologist / everyone else?)


Open to everyone






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